My bucket list

So here is my bucket list. I am constantly adding new ideas as I come across them but I love having this to look at to remind me of my goals and to give me some motivation. I am now over 100 so I am starting to organise them a little better to keep track. … Continue reading My bucket list


Breaking up, not breaking down.

Love, Life, Kids and Survival over 30.

So many times in life things don’t go the way we expected. We fall in and out of love, friendships and relationships. Today’s technology makes it incredibly easy to see if the grass is greener without ever stepping out of out own yard. Because of this, we see relationships come and go, some more quickly than others. You would think with all this change going on in our lives and the lives around us, people would have found mature, selfless ways to end these relationships. No, unfortunatly this is not the case. My personal experience as well as the experiences I have witnessed, often leave a sour taste in someone’s mouth.

When you love someone and they chose to leave or you chose to go, because it is what’s best, it hurts. We all understand that, but taking the high road and walking away from drama seems to be difficult…

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