22 going on 50


So another thing ticked off my bucket list…a girls holiday… to Ibiza!

As much as this was a well deserved break, it made me realise how truly old I am for my age and how slightly boring I may be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all up for having drinks and a night out but Ibiza is a different world. Looking around there are girls dressed up around the pool, full face off makeup and not a hair out of place…how can you sunbathe like that? People were going out at 2pm when I was ready for bed!

It made me think about how people can live there life working abroad in places like that. The most important thing to them is dragging as many people as possible into a bar, selling them buckets full of alcohol for pennies and aiming to get them as drunk as possible. They know everything possible about every type of bar, the best place to go for pre-drinks, after parties, where to see the best DJ’s and where you can get the best drugs…but how in touch with the real world are these people?

How can they possibly come home and adapt to the normal working life? For me, I am quite happy with my 9-5 job and normal routine… although at least I can say I have experienced the Ibiza nightlife…body painted as a Leopard and watched the sunset at Cafe Mambo!


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