My bucket list


So here is my bucket list. I am constantly adding new ideas as I come across them but I love having this to look at to remind me of my goals and to give me some motivation. I am now over 100 so I am starting to organise them a little better to keep track.



  1. Visit 20 countries (12/20)
  2. Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands
  3. Visit every continent (4/7)
  4. Go Interailing through Europe
  5. Take a solo trip
  6. Go to Rome and see the Colosseum
  7. Throw a coin and make a wish in the Trevi Fountain
  8. Visit The Vatican
  9. Climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris
  10. Visit Disneyland Paris
  11. Gamble in Las Vegas
  12. See the Grand Canyon, Arizona
  13. See the Hoover Dam
  14. Rent a Ford Mustang and drive through the USA
  15. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
  16. Visit Times Square in New York
  17. Go to LA and see the Hollywood sign
  18. Go to Egypt
  19. Go on a girls holiday (Ibiza, Lanzarote, Portugal)
  20. Go on a Safari
  21. Visit every country in Central America
  22. Visit Angkor Wat (Cambodia)
  23. Visit an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand
  24. Visit Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  25. Go to Venice and ride a Gondola
  26. Visit a Greek Island (Corfu)
  27. Visit Amsterdam
  28. Have a beer at Oktoberfest
  29. Visit Sunny Beach in Bulgaria
  30. Visit Budapest
  31. Go to Vienna
  32. Visit Belgium
  33. See the Berlin Wall
  34. Go to Prague
  35. Visit Dublin
  36. See Lake Bled in Slovenia
  37. Go to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
  38. See the Northern Lights
  39. Go to a European Christmas Market
  40. Visit Instanbul in Turkey
  41. Visit Krka National Park in Croatia
  42. Hike Machu Picchu, Peru
  43. Go to the Carribean
  44. Spend New Year in Australia
  45. Go on a cruise
  46. Climb the Great Wall of China
  47. Visit the Taj Mahal in India
  48. Visit Sri Lanka
  49. Visit Morrocco
  50. Spend a weekend in Dubai
  51. Go travelling/live abroad for at least 3 months
  52. Visit a temple
  53. Visit a floating market
  54. Tie a love lock to a bridge
  55. Ride a quad bike through the desert (Egypt)
  56. Stand under a waterfall
  57. See the Iguazu Falls
  58. See an active volcano
  59. Visit Maya Bay Island
  60. Go to the full moon party in Koh Phangan
  61. Go snorkelling somewhere amazing
  62. Learn to scuba dive
  63. Go camping
  64. Go Glamping
  65. Skinny-dip
  66. Swim with dolphins
  67. Hold a monkey
  68. Cuddle a baby tiger
  69. Hold a koala bear
  70. Swim alongside a turtle
  71. Spend a night in a treehouse
  72. Sleep under the stars
  73. Party until sunrise
  74. See a flashmob
  75. Watch a Metoer Shower
  76. Skydive
  77. Indoor skydiving (Twice)
  78. Zip-lining
  79. Bunjee Jump
  80. Go zorbing
  81. Go Parasailing
  82. Ride a segway
  83. Ride a scooter
  84. Go karting
  85. Go Kayaking
  86. Jump off a cliff
  87. Fly a plane
  88. Drive a speedboat
  89. Ride a jet-ski
  90. Go on a banana boat
  91. Fly in a helicopter
  92. Ride in a hot air balloon
  93. Walk on fire
  94. Rock Climbing
  95. Go White Water Rafting
  96. Go Bamboo Rafting
  97. Use a Water jet pack
  98. Ride on a Pedi-bus (Through London)
  99. Climb the 02 Arena
  100. Go Skiing
  101. Be able to run 5 miles
  102. Do Yoga
  103. Complete Race for Life (Cancer Research)
  104. Learn to meditate
  105. Do a color run
  106. Go to a roller disco
  107. Indoor trampolining
  108. Learn to horseride
  109. Ride in a limo
  110. Fly first class
  111. Climb a mountain
  112. Complete the 3 peaks challenge
  113. Attend a major sporting event
  114. Go to the world cup
  115. Go to the theatre
  116. Go to a concert
  117. Go to a festival
  118. Go on a spa day
  119. Go to Royal Ascot
  120. Go on the London Eye
  121. Visit The Tower of London (Private Ceremony)
  122. Go to the top of The Shard
  123. Visit a castle (Windsor Castle)
  124. Visit Padstow beach in Cornwall
  125. Visit the Harry Potter Warner Bro Studios
  126. Watch a show in The Royal Albert Hall
  127. Visit a drive through zoo
  128. Visit an outdoor cinema
  129. Go to a roof top terrace bar
  130. Visit an icebar
  131. Dine in the dark
  132. Eat at a top 100 restaurant
  133. See a flashmob
  134. Go to a Masquerade ball
  135. Try pole dancing
  136. Stomp on grapes to make wine
  137. Learn to play the piano
  138. Learn to play the guitar (Currently learning)
  139. Attend a cookery class
  140. Give blood
  141. Find a craft I’m good at
  142. Solve a Rubiks cube
  143. Have a reading from a Physic
  144. Get a tattoo
  145. Get a henna tatto
  146. Be in a newspaper
  147. Take my mum abroad for the first time!
  148. Make contact with an old friend
  149. Sing to an audience – Karaoke
  150. Learn the alphabet in sign language
  151. Take part in a world record
  152. Learn a new language
  153. Write a book
  154. Give a public speech
  155. Earn a degree
  156. Become a manager
  157. Raise money and awareness for Autism
  158. Make a difference to someones life
  159. Buy a homeless person a meal
  160. Volunteer
  161. Start my own business
  162. Own a house
  163. Get Married
  164. Have my own family
  165. Become a godparent
  166. To one day become a foster parent
  167. Conquer a fear
  168. To be happy!

Total completed: 60/168

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